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EZX Black

EZX Black

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  • Description


    • SIZE: 4 sizes adjustable shell: 29-32, 33-36, 37-40
    • COLOR: Blue / Pink
    • FRAMES: With step by step wheel lock

    Learn how to skate easily with the...

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    • SIZE: 4 sizes adjustable shell: 29-32, 33-36, 37-40
    • COLOR: Blue / Pink
    • FRAMES: With step by step wheel lock

    Learn how to skate easily with the EZX!
    Step by step, control speed and balance with the smart WHEEL FIXING SYSTEM. The rockered frames make the EZX even more maneuverable.
    4 Sizes adjustable, with 2 buckles and no laces for easy tightening.

    The FR EZX skates are designed for the youngest skaters, to learn how to skate step by step. 

    The Smart Wheel Fixing System controls the rear wheels spin speed, improves balance, and helps building self-confidence of the young skaters.

    The EZX model is a 4 size adjustable skate, equipped with 2 buckles, and no laces for easy tightening. It is available in Blue or Pink, from size 29 up to size 40. 

    Boot size EU29-32 – 192 mm frame – 64-62-62-64 mm stock setup, 4x62 mm for rockering
    Boot size EU33-36 – 210 mm frame – 70-68-68-70 mm stock setup, 4x68 mm for rockering
    Boot size EU37-40 – 216 mm frame – 72-70-70-72 mm stock setup, 4x70 mm for rockering

    The surprises do not end here, though. FR Skates have included a new “wheel fixing system” which allows you to lock two rear wheels, so they roll with much more resistance. This helps the very youngest children in taking their first steps on skates.

    Skates come with 85A hardness stock wheels, giving a fast and smooth roll. The ABEC7 bearings are pretty much a standard equipment when it comes for skates aimed at children, but you do not really need anything fancy for users with relatively low weight. FR have equipped the skates with a brake, which can be easily detached.

    FR Skates EZX are great choice no matter if you are looking for a pair of solid skates to get your kid rolling, or an entry level freestyle slalom and freeskating equipment for the youngest. They are up to the task of frequent, demanding skating. Last but not least, the manufacturer have ensured that replacement parts: buckles, insoles, liners, sliders, brakes, frames and smaller nuts and bolts are available at skateshops. Thanks to that, it is easy to keep the skates in good condition and you can even “refresh” them to pass from one kid to another, when they finally become too small!

  • Product Specifications

    Amount of wheels 4 Wheels (the standard)
    Color Black
    Frame bearing spacers Bearing spacers included
    Frame material Metal
    Frame mounting bolts Frame mounting bolts included
    Frame type Regular skating
    Frame wheel configuration All the same wheels
    Liner Hardboot (removable liner)
    Rockering Rocker (outer wheels are lifted)
    Skate brake Heel brake included
    Skate frame mounting 165mm mount
    Skate length True to size
    Skate sizing type Dual sizing (typical for hardboots)
    Skate width Normal fit
    Sold per per set of 2
    Wheel diameter 80mm


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  • About FR

    FR Skates produces recreational and aggressive inline skates. The French company is widely used in the slalom discipline of inline skating.