Finger Blades Black/White

Finger Blades Black/White

Grip & Tricks
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These Finger Blades from Grip & Tricks are the perfect fun toy to play with during rainy days or long travels. You probably saw all the finger skateboards and BMX's, now there are finger blades as well!

The Grip & Tricks Finger Blades exist as a line of multiple models with different colors, so you can choose your own favorite Finger Blade. You can even customize the blades by changing the wheels.

Thanks to the free keychain which is included in the pack, you can ride your finger blades everywhere!

Each pack includes:

  • - 1 Pair of finger blades
  • - 1 Finger pants
  • - 2 Grip tapes
  • - 4 Replacement wheels
  • - 2 Replacement axles
  • - 1 Mini tool
  • - 1 Key ring

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Color Black