Dustin Werbeski 59mm/88A 4-pack

Dustin Werbeski 59mm/88A 4-pack

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White Undercover Dustin Werbeski wheels.

Undercover is one of the premium wheel companies within the Aggressive Inline skate sport, and has its roots within the Powerslide company just like USD skates, Kizer frames and Ennui protection. Their wheels are poured in the USA and are known for their quality and durability. UC is one of the more innovative wheel brands, trying out new products such as the dual-density wheel.

Each year Undercover will bring out a new line of wheels with different colors, sizes, prints and pro skaters then last year. Teamriders of Undercover are Nick Lomax, Richie Eisler, Dustin Werbeski, Roman Abrate, Eugen Enin, Carlos Bernal, and the Mushroomblading Crew.

Undercover has recently teamed up with Matter wheels. This joined force will bring out a wider range of wheel diamters of up to 125mm!

More information about the Undercover brand can be found here:

More information about wheels in general here:

Additional information

Bearings Bearings not included
Color White
Hardheid 88A
Sold in pair per set of 4
Wheel diameter 59mm
Wheel profile Point