Crown bearings 8-pack
Crown bearings 8-pack
Crown bearings 8-pack
Crown bearings 8-pack

Crown bearings 8-pack

Go Project
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Go Project Crown bearings are different. The bearings come with a copper ‘Crown Spacer’ which slots into the centre bore hole. Compatible with all regular skate wheels and frames, the Crown system enhances performance in several ways:
  • The majority of grit and dirt enters the bearing through the inner ring and the shield. The Crown spacer forms a cover over this area, reducing the intake of external elements.
  • The Crown spacer spreads the load of the rider across a wide plateau creating greater energy efficiency.
  • The Crown system shifts the position of the bearing away from the frame walls and deeper into the wheel, resulting in less damage and contamination from road debris.
  • They are an effective solution for poor energy transfer caused by frames with plastic frame spacers.

8 bearings
8 Copper Crown spacers

Will fit out 4x skate wheels, buy 2x packs to fit 8 wheels.

Regular spacers (for use between your bearings) are sold separately.

Go Project is a fresh brand from the UK with a new aproach to wheel design. The brand was started by inline skater Jake Eley. Their selection ranges from 65mm to 90mm. They are very consistant with their releases and always use their own distict grey color.

Want to learn more about the ins and outs of skate bearings? Then read our Buyers guide here:

Additional information

Color Blue
Material Metal
Shield type 608Z - Open aan een kant