RB Pro X W Cruiser 2022
RB Pro X W Cruiser 2022
RB Pro X W Cruiser 2022
RB Pro X W Cruiser 2022
RB Pro X W Cruiser 2022
RB Pro X W Cruiser 2022
RB Pro X W Cruiser 2022

RB Pro X W Cruiser 2022

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Looking for a responsive and versatile skate? The RB Pro X is for you. Molded-boot comfort from a new anatomical and sublimated liner combined with a training footbed and top eyelets, provides ideal support and cushion. A 243mm/9.6” extruded frame with lateral sliders, 80mm/85A Supreme Urban wheels and Twincam ILQ-7 Plus bearings wheels provide control, stability and speed; brake is standard.
THIS SKATE IS FOR - Skaters looking for an urban, responsive skate with optimal cushioning and support.
VERSATILE MOLDED SHELL - Highly-durable and vented; sublimated training liner.
ADVANCED CLOSURE SYSTEM - Cuff buckle, micro-adjustable 45° buckles and precise-fit lacing (extra laces included).
EXTRUDED ALUMINUM FRAME - Superior 243mm/10"/9.6", racing axles, laterally adjustable.
ROLLERBLADE SUPREME WHEELS - 80mm/85A wheels with Twincam ILQ-7 Plus bearings reduce wear and maximize speed.
CLOSURE: Locking cuff buckle, micro adj 45° buckle, laces (extra laces in box)
SHELL/UPPER: RB, molded, vented, lateral slider
WHEEL: Supreme Urban 80mm/85A
FRAME: Extruded Alu (max 80mm) 243mm/9.6", racing axles, laterally adjustable
BEARING: Twincam ILQ-7 Plus
LINER: High Performance, shock absorber, extended eyelets, sublimated lining, Training footbed
BRAKE: In the box

Additional information

Color White
Liner Hardboot (removable liner)
Skate frame montage 165mm mount
Skate sizing type Dual sizing (typical for hardboots)
Wheel diameter 80mm
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Category : freestyle-inline-skates