Help, I do not know what to choose

There are so many skates and skateparts on the market that will all give you a different feeling on your adventures. We try to help people the best we can with finding the products that best fit their needs. 

That is why we made a few Buyers guides to help you through the process.

For buying skates, There are 4 types categories that we can help you with and wrote a buyers guide for:

- Everything about adult freestyle inline skates (urban / recreational / slalom)
- Everything about kids recreational inline skates 
- Everything about adult aggressive inline skates (grinds / skatepark / tricks)
- Everything about kids aggressive inline skates 

Then, ofcourse, there are all the parts that make up a skate. Check out our Buyers guides for them here:
- Everything about Frames
- Everything about Wheels
- Everything about Bearings
- Everything about Liners