How to take out skate bearings

How to take out skate bearings

To take out the bearings in your inline skates, there are three different methods you can use: whip, push, or hammer.

First, you'll need to remove the wheel from your skate by unscrewing the axle with an allen key (or possibly two).

To determine which method to use, you'll need to know whether your wheels have a plastic or metal core, and whether your axle is 6 millimeters or 8 millimeters in diameter.

If your wheels have a plastic core and an 8 millimeter axle, you can use the "whip" method. Simply hold the wheel in one hand and use a screwdriver to gently pry out the bearing by pushing it out from the inside of the wheel.

If your wheels have a 6 millimeter axle, you'll need to use the "push" method. Place the wheel on a flat surface and use a tool, such as a bearing puller or a screwdriver, to push the bearing out from the outside of the wheel.

Finally, if your wheels have a metal core, you'll need to use the "hammer" method. Place the wheel on 2 pieces of wood (or 2 other pieces of a hard, flat surface) with an opening underneath the bearing. Make sure the 8mm bearing spacer is not centered and blocks the hole. Put an axle in the hole so that it gets stuck on the bearing spacer and use a hammer and punch to tap the bearing out of the wheel.

When to replace
It's important to note that if the bearings in your skates start making a "sissing" sound, it's time to replace them as the lack of oil in the bearings can cause them to wear down and stop working.

Check out this page for all available bearings:

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