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Inline skating is a fun and exhilarating sport, but it requires the right tools to keep your skates in top condition. From Allen keys to bearing presses, here are some essential tools every inline skater should have in their toolkit.

Basic tools
One important tool to have is a set of Allen keys, also known as hex keys. These are used to tighten or loosen bolts on your skates, but it's important to have a good quality set. Cheap, poorly made Allen keys can strip the bolts, making it difficult to remove or adjust them. If you do happen to strip a bolt, there are techniques and tools you can use to remove it, such as using penetrating oil or a damaged bolt extractor.

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When it comes to Allen keys, you may also encounter Torx keys, which have a star-shaped tip instead of a hexagonal one. These are commonly used on high-end skates.

Another factor to consider when choosing Allen keys is the size. The most common sizes for inline skating are 4mm
5mm allen keys is used on a few frame mounting bolts for some skates of FR, Seba and Micro.
Smaller allen keys like the 2.5mm is used on the Roces M12 soulplates.

In addition to the size, you'll also want to consider the material of the Allen keys. It is not always listed in the description, but some cheaper tools are just made out of very soft steel and will harm the bolt if you use them more then once.

Pozidriv and Philips
There are two main types of cross head screws: Pozidriv and Philips. Pozidriv keys have a cross-shaped tip and are known for their greater torque and reduced cam-out (when the tool slips out of the bolt head). Philips keys have a cross-shaped tip with rounded corners and are more commonly found in household tools.

Special tools
In addition to the standard Allen keys, there are also some specialized tools that can make working on your skates easier.
- The Seba pro tool, for example, is a multi-functional tool specifically designed for Seba skates. It includes a variety of Allen key sizes and a wheel remover.
- The Sonic y tool is another multi-functional tool designed for inline skates. It includes a variety of Allen key sizes, a wheel remover, and a bearing puller.
- If you're working on your bearings, you might want a metal bearing press. This tool is used to remove and install bearings.
- Another specialized tool you might need is an RB cuff receiver tool, which is used to remove and install the cuff on RB inline skates.

Overall, having a good set of inline skating tools is essential for maintaining and repairing your skates. Whether you're working with Allen keys, specialized tools, or bearing presses, having the right tool for the job will make the task much easier and ensure that your skates stay in top condition.

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