How to reshape wheels

How to reshape wheels

Inline skaters are always looking for ways to optimize their setup for their specific needs and preferences. In this blog, we will demonstrate how to use a grinder to modify the profile and diameter of inline skate wheels.

Changing profile
There are several different things that can be done with a grinder to customize inline skate wheels. The first is changing the profile of the wheel. If you have a round profile, you can reshape it to a bullet or speed profile.

Learn more about wheel profiles here:

Changing the graphics
if you have decals or graphics on your wheels that you want to remove, you can use the grinder to remove them.

Changing the diameter
Another use for the grinder is to modify the diameter of the wheel. By using the grinder to shave off a small amount of material from the wheel's profile, you make your own customized rockering system.

Learn more about wheel diameter here:

How to
To use a grinder to customize your inline skate wheels, you'll need to use a screw bench to hold the frame in place. When using the grinder, it's important to give the wheel an initial spin to avoid creating scratches on the surface of the wheel. Once you've finished grinding, you'll want to give the wheel another spin to make sure that the grinding is evenly distributed around the outer circle of the wheel.

Overall, using a grinder to customize inline skate wheels can be a useful tool for optimizing your skate setup for your specific needs and preferences. However, it's important to be mindful of the potential downsides and to use caution when using a grinder to avoid damaging your wheels or causing accidents.

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