What size to choose?

What size to choose?

The short answer: In general, you should take your shoe size for a good fit, or one size up for a loose fit.

How should it feel?
Skates should feel very very tight. The problem is that most people are not used to having this sensation on their feet at all and thus think they need a bigger size.

When you stride, you are moving and controlling your wheels with your foot. The skate is the tool to transfer this movement. The stiffer the skate and the tighter the connection between those wheels and your foot, the better performance you will get. 

A skate that is lose is NOT comfortable to skate on. Your feet will cramp up to get control and can get tired sooner rather then later. Just imagine running on slippers and you will understand the sensation.

Come by the shop
Every model and every skate interprets sizing in length, width and height different unfortunately. The best way to know your size is to come by our shop in Amsterdam and try everything on.

Measure your foot for hard boots:
Hard Boots offer the best value for money. If you are thinking of getting a hardboot skate, then we figured out a good way to know the right length to buy.

We measured all the hard boots on the market on the inside, without the liner in them and put the measurements on a list for you. The sheet lists the true, inside length of all the hard boots we sell without having a liner in the skate. If you know the length of your foot, just add about 10mm-20mm for the liner and then you will have the perfect size.

Of course skates vary in width and height as well but then at least you have one of the metrics right. If you have a high or wide foot, then you might want to take a skate a size bigger then normally adviced.

If you order a skate and it is not the right size, then you can always return and exchange it for another size or get a refund. Before doing so, read the next chapter below.

Find the measurements info in the description of this video

Dual sizing?
Some skates come in single sizes, like 40,41,42 etc and other come in dual sizing like 41-42, 43-44 where the two numbers are bundled together in one size option. 

Softboots have single sizes, and hardboots always have dual sizing

Learn more about this in our blog post about dual sizing

Already have skates?
Learn how to test if a skate is your size after you bought them here:

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