Are you sure you want aggressive skates?

Are you sure you want aggressive skates?



The short answer: If you do not want to grind, then do not get aggressive skates

Aggressive skates might look cool, and you might want to do some cool stuff on skates, but if you do not know what grinding is, or if you are a 100% motivated to learn it, then an Aggressive skate is not for you.

Any trick you might think you want an Aggressive skate for can actually always be done easier on freestyle inline skates. Are you thinking about dropping in the halfpipe, skating backwards, doing a 360, and carving the bowl? Then Freestyle skates (with about 80-90mm wheels) are the choice for you

If you are super in to grinding, then Aggressive skates are for you. We love aggressive skating here at This Is Soul Skateshop and got wat you need, for starters, check out our tutorial on how to learn the Soulgrind. 

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