Behind the Brand: Razors


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Razors is a California-based company specializing in aggressive inline skates. They currently offer four main models: the Cult, Genesis, SL, and Shift skates. Interestingly, Razors started by making recreational skates before transitioning to aggressive inline skates.


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Hey guys, welcome back to the This is Soul skate shop! Today, I'm excited to announce a new format called "Behind the Brand." Our first brand is Razors, and I'm going to dive deep into everything you need to know about Razors.


Introduction to Razors

Razors is a brand based in California and is run by Andy Wegner. Razors is part of the Sunshine Distribution, which also includes brands like Ground Control, Rain, and Remz. This connection explains some of the similarities you might notice between these brands.


Early beginnings: sunshine era

Razors started out under the Sunshine name, initially selling snowboarding and windsurfing gear and clothing. Andy Wegner, the founder, grew up in Rosenheim, Germany, where he was heavily involved in extreme sports like skiing and windsurfing. His passion for these sports led to the creation of Sunshine, which eventually evolved into Razors.

In the late '80s, Sunshine began making recreational inline skates. In 1989, Andy moved to California, bringing his business and passion for extreme sports with him. The move marked a significant shift for the company, leading to the development of their first aggressive inline skates in the mid-'90s.


The cult shell era

The first major breakthrough for Razors came in 1998 with the introduction of the Cult skate. This era marked the brand's transition from recreational skates to aggressive inline skates. The Cult skate was a game-changer, offering a durable and versatile design that appealed to aggressive skaters.


The genesys era

In 2001, Razors launched the Genesys skate. This model built on the success of the Cult, providing even more support and durability. The Genesys skate quickly became a favorite among aggressive skaters for its tank-like build and enhanced performance features.


The SL era

The next major development came in 2008 with the introduction of the SL (Super Light) skate. The SL skate was designed to be lighter and more responsive than previous models. It featured a unique shell design that allowed skaters to feel the ground better and perform tricks more easily.


Adding sunshine europa

During this period, Razors expanded their presence in Europe by establishing Sunshine Europa. This expansion helped the brand reach a broader audience and strengthen their position in the global market.


The shift era

The most recent innovation from Razors is the Shift skate, which was introduced to offer a balance of performance and affordability. The Shift skate features a quick-change frame system, making it easy for skaters to switch between aggressive and recreational setups. This versatility has made the Shift skate a popular choice for skaters who want a multi-functional skate.


Thought processes and influences

Throughout the different eras, Andy Wegner's vision and passion for extreme sports have driven the brand forward. Andy's background in skiing and windsurfing heavily influenced the design and development of Razors skates. His focus on creating durable, high-performance skates has been a constant theme.

Geoff Acers, who joined the company later, also played a significant role in shaping the brand. Geoff's experience and insights helped refine the products and expand Razors' reach.


Impact of riders

Razors has always had a strong connection with its riders. Pro skaters like Brian Shima, Jon Elliott, and Dre Powell have all had a significant impact on the brand. These riders not only helped develop and test new products but also promoted the brand through their skating and media presence.

The involvement of these top-tier skaters has been crucial in establishing Razors' reputation for quality and performance. Their feedback and input have helped ensure that Razors skates meet the needs of aggressive skaters.


Product evolution

The evolution of Razors' products can be traced through the different skate models they've released. Each new model has built on the successes and lessons of the previous ones, resulting in a line of skates that are well-regarded in the aggressive inline skating community.

  1. Cult skate (1998): Durable and versatile, marking Razors' entry into the aggressive skate market.
  2. Genesys skate (2001): Enhanced support and durability, quickly becoming a favorite among skaters.
  3. SL skate (2008): Lightweight and responsive, with a unique shell design for better ground feel.
  4. Shift skate (latest): Versatile with a quick-change frame system, suitable for both aggressive and recreational skating.


Andy's personal history

Andy Wegner's journey began in Rosenheim, Germany. Growing up in a small town near the Alps, he was immersed in extreme sports from a young age. His passion for skiing and windsurfing eventually led him to create Sunshine, which would later evolve into Razors.


Timeline of key events

  1. 1989: Andy moved to California and started Sunshine, focusing on windsurfing and snowboarding gear.
  2. 1994: Purchased a house in California and started expanding the business.
  3. 1998: Introduction of the Cult skate, marking the beginning of the aggressive skate era.
  4. 2001: Launch of the Genesys skate, building on the success of the Cult.
  5. 2008: Introduction of the SL skate, a lightweight and responsive model.
  6. 2010s: Expansion in Europe with Sunshine Europa.
  7. Latest: Launch of the Shift skate, offering versatility and performance at an affordable price.



Razors has come a long way since its early days under the Sunshine name. From making recreational skates to becoming a leading brand in aggressive inline skating, Razors has continually evolved and innovated. The company's success can be attributed to Andy Wegner's vision, the contributions of key riders, and a commitment to producing high-quality, performance-driven products.



Behind the brand Razors is a story of passion, innovation, and evolution. From its beginnings in recreational skates to its current lineup of high-performance aggressive skates, Razors has consistently pushed the boundaries of what's possible in inline skating. Whether you're a seasoned skater or just starting out, Razors offers skates that can meet your needs and help you achieve your skating goals.

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