Winter Skatecamp 2021
Winter Skatecamp 2021
Winter Skatecamp 2021
Winter Skatecamp 2021
Winter Skatecamp 2021
Winter Skatecamp 2021
Winter Skatecamp 2021

Winter Skatecamp 2021

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Sorry! The skatekamp is now FULL. We can no longer accept new campers. The dates for our Summer kamp 2022 and Winterkamp 2022 are already published, so check them out here:



For the second time this year there will be a Thisissoul wintercamp full of skating, learning, making friends and enjoying the skatelifestyle. With teachers Ivo Vegter and Davy Wouda and also Chef Sjoerd!. This will all take place in Eindhoven. We will sleep inside the skatepark Area 51 / 040 bmx park where we will spend the days.


The date is the 28th, 29th and 30th of December 2021 and the camp is accesible for the ages 7 untill 18



Our goal is to create a strong coherent sport with matching subculture. During the days in Eindhoven the Campers will be taught about the roots of the sport, healthy lifestyle and all the things you can do on skates like grinding, airing, gapping, stairbashing and skating around.



Purchase this product to register. If there are any special desires or concerns about your child like sleeping hours, allergies, etc. then do not hessitate to contact us about it.



The camp will be filled with exciting things to do. Every part of the day there will be something to learn.


Flight school is where we take the time during the day to specially teach kids how to fly! We train launch box or quarter pipes. Let’s face it, every kid dreams of learning a flip. Here we are able to start from the ground up teaching how to proper ride and ramp and eventually into launching it.


The movie night is where we all sit down with the kids and watch old edits, old videos and whatnot to properly educate the campers on the roots with heroes like Chris Edwards and Arlo Eisenberg that they may of never heard of.


The Thisissoul Team will also come by for an extra lesson. This Includes legends like Jaro Frijn, Pascal Tan, Jelle Briggeman and Erik Droogh!



Here we take the time to explain the importance in proper nutrition to have a future in skating. Breakfast is the best time for us to do this. In a previous camp we watched the kids transform from a Coke Cola candy bar breakfast diet into Eating bananas and apples for snacks.

All food is included in the price of the camp



We will sleep in the Area51 Skatepark! All skaters must bring their own pillow and blanked.


What the campers need

- backpack for streetskating
- their own water bottle
- tooth brush
- air mattress
- sleepingbag/blanket + pillow
- flashlight for the walk to the fireplace.
- something to read in the morning



The total price of the camp will be 250 euro for 3 days.

- winter Camps t-shirt
- sleeping
- meals and snacks
- activities
- lessons
- visits by the Thisissoul team
- camp guides



Dropoff: Area 51 skatepark, klokgebouw 51, Eindhoven, 10.45uur
Pickup: Area 51 skatepark, Klokgebouw 51, Eindhoven, 16.00uur



Additional information

Locatie Eindhoven Area 040 (indoor)