UFS Trimax frame set

UFS Trimax frame set

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With the Trimax Frame by kizer it is now possible to modify your aggressive skate to a modern 3-Wheeler. Thanks to UFS this frame fits on all aggressive skates.

3-wheel skates offer many advantages: The skate is lighter and you are lower than with a 4-wheel skate with the same wheel size. The main point is that you are much faster, much more agile and have much more fun! With the Trimax frame on your aggressive skate you get the maximum speed out of your skates and at the same time you're still as agile as with a freeskate with 80mm wheels.

Frame: Kizer 3x110

Wheels: Powerslide Infinity 110mm 86A

Bearings: Wicked freespin ABEC 7

Product Specifications
Color Black
Skate frame montage UFS mount
About the brand
Kizer was the first company to manufature a UFS frame in 2001. This was the Stream frame wich is no longer being sold. Other old... read more

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