UFS BIG creme
UFS BIG creme
UFS BIG creme
UFS BIG creme

UFS BIG creme

Ground Control
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Ground Control will also be offering matching 72mm/88A wheels with a profile that fits perfectly to the raised groove, offering an impressive level of wheel protection to keep from biting on grinds.

- 260mm spacing between 1st and 4th axle
- 114mm spacing between 2nd and 3rd axle
- 54mm sidewall height / 63mm tall at the lowest point of the h-block
- Lowered sidewalls and h-block provide protection from excessive wheel bite on grinds
- Bare Frame Weighs 9.4 oz
- GC Sickle Axles / Aluminum Frame Spacers / UFS Mounting Bolts
- FLT3 composite
- 1 size fits all

Note: UFS coupling mount height is 2mm (5/64”) max. You might have to grind down the pins of certain soul frames.

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Color Khaki
Skate frame montage UFS mount
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