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Issue 9

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Issue 9 hits shops and newsstands all around the world as you read this. Once again we bring you together a blend of different styles and personalities. Highlighting one of THE biggest and most know crews in rolling: Esco Zoo. Read about the past, the present and the future and see the Esco heads destroying their spots in sight. Read about Esco Zoo Media, about their projects, how Esco developed and where it is going now. Malik Kamara and Mike Martinho show you what underrated skillz can do. Malik takes it to a personal mission in Atlanta and then sits down for a relaxed talk with Jeff Fredericks talking about adventures with one armed midgets, his life and of course skating. Mike Martinho goes on to show you why he was added to different teams recently and gives you a really personal insight to his very private thoughts. Adam Kola took a bunch of crazy Brits (Frazer Watson, Oli Short, Chris Doughty…) to Barcelona to stage the first Be-Mag sessions format taking pics for the mag and filming for the Be-Mag dvd. Read what happens when Frazer Watson witnesses pocket thiefs rob innocent women.

Thought that was already it? No way, we also sent Jeremy Stephenson and Dan “Hollywood” Leifeld to the Bitter Cold Showdown. Witness the mayhem of 1000 skaters taking apart skateparks and the city. To top this all of we got the finest girls together for a rolling fashion shot, serve you yet another big soulstealing section, a video game re-review and much more.

Be prepared for this.

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