Issue 5

Issue 5

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Urban Rollers. With this issue we decided to take a trip into the world of urban life,revealing what's behind the scenes. This print issue is special for several reasons- Ever wonder what Erik Burke, one of the greatest skaters of the past, is currently doing? Well take a look at a rolling artists profile, where he showcases some of his work and also shows some skating.

This is a controversial article, be sure to read it carefully. On top of that, 100 pages just wasn't enough for this issue, so we will have the first true "crossover" issue. Additional pictures, unedited interviews, bonus material will be available on the webpage. This includes 3 profiles, which were done in this way: Jeff Jackson, Nick Wood and Nick Brenden. Also see some of the different ideas our designers had for different articles. This issue marks the 5th installment of Be-Mag (excluding the highly rare and infamous zero issue). Some people doubted that Be-Mag will go in this direction, so once again I'd like to thank everyone involved and all the supporters.

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