Abec 9 16-pack

Abec 9 16-pack

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One of the most common questions about bearings, is “What ABEC are those?” but a better question should be, what does ABEC mean? Basically ABEC is a rating system for the tolerances in a bearings. The higher the number, for example ABEC 9, the less the tolerance in the bearing. Having smaller tolerances means that your bearing will spin faster, for longer.

The Wicked ABEC 9 bearings are the highest rated in the ABEC collection.
chrome steel balls sit securely inside a nylon cage. The bearing is lubricated with Kyodo grease. BE WICKED.

  • 7 Balls, Chrome steel
  • Bearing cover made from Rubber 2RS
  • Nylon bearing cage
  • Oil: Synthetic oil
  • 608 bearings

Additional information

Color Red
Material Metal
Shield type 608RS - Rubber Shield aan een kant