Refund policy


Refunds before being shipped.

If you place an order, and directly after placing it you make up your mind, then you can contact us and we can cancel it for you and give you a refund.


While being shipped

We can not give refunds for products that are on their way, even when they are stuck at customs or even when they might be lost. If a package does not get an update on the tracking for more then 10 days, then you can contact us and we will then contact the courier to start an investigation. This can take up to 6-8 weeks but might also be faster. Most of the times a package still arrives but is just delayed, sometimes packages get lost unfortunately and then you will get a replacement or a refund.


Refunds when you ordered something wrong

If the product is not what you thought and you ordered it wrong, for instance, when the size is too small, or too big, then you can return this product. The shipment costs in this case are to be paid by the customer.

Instead of a refund, it is ofcourse also possible to get a replacement product that suits you better.

Before sending something back, please check out our tips regarding receiving new skates to not make any of these common mistakes:


Warrenty issues

Skates will break down by wear and tear. If you feel like this happened quicker than they should, like wheels that break down after one session, than contact our customer support as soon as possible with an added photo of the mall function.

All the technical support for major problems will come from the brand of the product. They will provide a solution, a replacement in case of a problem that should not happen so quickly.

Minor problems can be fixed at the Thisissoul store if you are able to, then just come by to let us fix it.


Return address:

Overtoom 327
1054JM, Amsterdam 
The Netherlands