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Crafted from the highest grade heat treated chrome steel and precise finish make those 8mm axles indestructible. The set contains 4 pcs. of male and female axles, 4 pcs. of aluminum spacers, and 4 pcs. of mounting bolts.

The Kizer Fluid Axles Fit most frames like:
- Kizer Fluid III
- Kizer Fluid IV
- Kizer Fluid V
- Kizer Type M
- Kizer Type X
- Kizer Suspension
- Kizer Powerblade
- Ground Control Featherlite 1
- Kaltik Freestyle
- Kaltik Flat
- Fifty/50 Balance
- Fifty/50 Prime
- Oysi
- USD Aeon skates/frames


They do not fit the Kizer Slimline frame and most Ground Control frames.

The diameter of the axle is 8mm.

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Color Grey
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