ABEC Rating & Wheel Hardness


The short answer: Do not pay attention to the ABEC or wheel hardness metrics 

Skate bearings are kind of all the same nowadays. If you have a skate bearing, The way it functions and wears down has more to do with the material used and the way it is lubricated, then with the ABEC scale.

The ABEC scale is a way to measure the precision of the bearing. It was not however invented for inline skating but for machine equipment and it thus has no relevance for the performance of your bearing in your skate.

Wheel hardness is measured in the Shore scale, and it is usually somewhere between 85A and 92A on a scale from 1 (very soft) to 100 (hard)

While the Shore hardness is a true thing, it is not the only thing and should not be taken in to account when getting wheels because its by far the most important factor.

Imagine a cyclist caring more of the Hardness scale of his rubber tire, than about the air tire pressure of how well his spokes are tightened. That would be weird right? You never hear cyclist talk about the hardness of the rubber tire. So neither should we.

In general if you buy a  200-250 euro's range skate, then the wheels and bearings are always very good, so do not worry about it